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    • The App maintenance management services for the first time in the business.

      Variety of smart devices spread all over the world these days, government offices, as well as many large and small companies launched their brand Apps ambitiously. As time goes by, however, most of them are failed to respond properly to new devices or updated OS, and become a white elephant.

      Meanwhile, for the local governments and companies who have trouble with maintaining Apps due to absence of advanced technician and expensive cost for upgrading, a new App management service in reasonable price is showed up.

      FOCUSONE Inc. (CEO Kiwon Seo, www.ccfocusone.com), the mobile App development company, launched APPMRO center providing maintenance and operation for Apps by professional management team.

      APPMRO center(www.appmro.com) is a service for managing App to response properly for new smart phone all around the world and updated OS in reasonable price.

      Recently, FOCUSONE Inc. and Prof. Sujin Park executed the ‘2014 local government's mobile App status survey’ using newest device of both iPhone and Android for a month(April, 2014). As a result, it turns out 696 of 1,425 Apps are unable to use because of error. It's 48% of entire figure.

      The resolution response error is 75%, the highest, blackout error and impossible of search error is 18% and functional error is 12%. Only a half of the entire Apps are operating normally.

      Dealing with new version of OS, modifying error (or bug) and on-line customer service is a basic offer of APPMRO center.

      Customers can make contract for App management by service level including App upgrade, management report, App store management, new feature, UI/UX improvement, language service and server hosting.

      If your company have to spend 24~40 million(KRW) for App upgrade due to OS version update and new device release, in the same time, only 7~10 million(KRW) would be needed when you use APPMRO center service.

      It means, without worrying about newly emerged mobile environment annually, customer is able to keep good quality of App in reasonable cost investment by APPMRO center service.

      In particular, APPMRO center has advanced developers for each OS and design team for customer. Besides, as a result of many experiences of App development project, they have high technology and variety test equipment. Also, followed by feedback of user, they get patented about improving usage for mobile App.

      By utilizing this patent, APPMRO center is able to analyze suitability of App's design and effectivity of service for user in systematically.

      APPMRO center’s mobile App management service is configured in 3 levels:
      Lv 1. Source code image management, OS version upgrade, errors and bug fixes, and online support services. Lv 2. Response to new release smart phone (depending on the resolution and technical specifications, consultation required), management reports and App store management (Lv 1 service included).
      Lv 3. New feature development, UI/UX improvement, multilingual support development, and server hosting (Lv 1, 2 service included).

      Service is available on website consult or telephone request. Through the consult with management team, service definition and estimate verification, contract and operating environment setting would be finished in 15 days.

      “Meanwhile, mobile App maintenance has been pushed aside due to necessity of high cost for money and time to manage and develop App responding at OS update and new smart phone release.” Kiwon Seo said, CEO of FOCUONE Inc.

      And he also said, “Using APPMRO center service, customer is able to save cost for managing App and satisfy the standard of App store of other countries, more over, they can improve their Apps based on user’s feedback and technical process at the UI/UX design part and development part of FOCUONE. It would helpful to enter foreign market.”